Property Management

Taking a Tenant-Centric Approach

At NewLink, we know that your tenants are the key to your success as a shopping center owner. A good property manager maintains a property, handles repairs and enhances the curb appeal of the center. A great property manager also knows every tenant and is always searching for ways to help drive traffic to their stores. NewLink’s dedication to this higher standard is what sets us apart.

NewLink operates each property with a team that provides equal weight to quality management and personal service. Our teams frequently consist of both a property manager and a tenant liaison, a position unique to NewLink. Tenant liaisons supplement the work of property managers by focusing exclusively on tenant relationships and community involvement. The result is more renewals, longer occupancies and greater leasing opportunities.

Our core beliefs for excellent property management are simple:


Managing Well to Create Leasing Opportunities

NewLink’s approach to leasing starts with excellent property management. A well-run center with strong tenant and community connections will generate more leads. Once our leasing team is assigned, our team will build a strategic leasing plan for your center. The plan not only identifies potential targets for the center’s vacant space, but also identifies how those targets will fit into the existing tenant mix.

Executing a leasing plan involves a combination of hard work and leveraging relationships. The hard work includes chasing down every lead and pursuing every deal until a lease is signed. The leverage includes utilizing a deep network of relationships with regional and national retailers that our team has built up over many years in the industry.


Asset Management

Partnering in Ownership

NewLink’s principals have extensive experience with owning shopping centers. This experience makes our team uniquely qualified to guide our clients through all stages of their investment – acquisition, disposition and each stage in between. Our first step is to work with owners to create a plan for the center. The plan will identify specific milestones needed to achieve financial goals and an expected timeline of ownership.

Once a plan has been created, our asset management team will remain focused as a steward of the shopping center – identifying and finding solutions to obstacles that might impede financial goals. Owners have the flexibility to remain intimately involved with all decision making or to rely on the asset manager to serve as their proxy as landlord. With either choice our asset managers ensure that clients remain regularly informed on the condition and outlook of the center.

Our core principles for guidance in asset management:

Operations Consulting

Working Smarter

NewLink offers its expertise on a consulting basis to companies that may want to expand, contract, audit, reorganize, or outsource their internal property management operations. Our experts start by meeting on site with your company’s team to provide a standard strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis. We will then use the information gathered to discuss with your leadership team the services that may be of assistance.

Our range of services includes: workflow restructuring between departments, transition to portfolio level management, accounting best practices, segmented property management operations, placemaking creation, staffing and personnel restructuring, third party management best practices, and other similar services related to the successful operation of retail property management.

Acquisition and Disposition Consulting

Making Key Decisions

NewLink’s principals have acquired over $350 million of retail commercial real estate. Our team is able to provide multiple services for fee and leasehold interests, debt and equity positions, and complex property analysis and valuation. In addition, we provide transaction advisory services, asset and portfolio positioning and repositioning, portfolio strategy, and real estate financial analytics and modeling, as well as other services.

Project Management

Focusing on the Details

The management of large capital projects and tenant build-outs can be very time consuming and stretch any team’s resources. NewLink has the expertise and experience to oversee those projects, from bid to completion, and make sure that each project meets your budget and timeline. Our team saves you the time and hassle of bidding the jobs and managing outside vendors. We also serve as the hub of all communications to ensure that you have the information you need to make critical decisions as the project moves towards completion.

Commercial Development

Building Opportunities

The professionals at NewLink have the experience and expertise to manage site selection, property acquisition, site planning, architectural coordination, governmental approvals, financing, and construction throughout the Mid-Atlantic-Southeast of the United States. NewLink carefully chooses the appropriate design, engineering and construction teams, and manages the entire process, operating as a single source of coordination and accountability.

Lease Administration

Keeping a Close Eye on the Details

Keeping up with the terms of each lease is critical to the financial success of each center. Missing a rent increase or failing to properly understand how common area maintenance charges are applied under a lease can be costly. NewLink recognizes that being able to abstract a lease, pull out the relevant data, and apply that data to the financial model is a unique skill. Given the importance of this function, NewLink has team members who are specifically responsible for administering all of our leases. Our lease administrators are also retail experts as they only focus on retail leases ensuring that they are familiar with every aspect of a shopping center lease, whether it is a local tenant lease or a complex national tenant lease.

Property Accounting

Monitoring the Financial Picture

NewLink also has a team dedicated to tracking the revenue and expenses at every property. Maintaining a detailed, up to date financial picture gives each owner the information they need to make critical short and long term decisions for each asset and their portfolio as a whole. We also recognize that every owner has specific reporting requirements. Our team has the ability to customize our financial reporting to provide every client with the information they need in a format that facilitates the review of all their financial data.

Receivership Services

Maintaining the Integrity of Every Asset

NewLink recognizes that time is of the essence when dealing with troubled assets. We have the ability to leverage our property and asset management abilities to quickly step in and stabilize an asset in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. NewLink then works with all the key stakeholders to develop and implement a plan for the asset to bring the asset back to its full potential and value.