Property Management

We have structured the property management unit at Hackney Real Estate Partners in a way that enables us to enhance the value of our properties by providing specialized care and personal service. The property management team is made up of experienced operators in three distinct departments: accounting, property management and lease administration. Each department plays an important role in the efficient operation of the properties. The departments meet collectively on a regularly scheduled basis to discuss each property. These meetings help ensure a uniform approach on all issues with a consistent emphasis on superior customer service.

Three Distinct Departments

The accounting department tracks and reports income and expenses for each property. The department focuses on providing regularly scheduled reports that offer a consistent method of accounting and provide a clear financial picture for each property.

The property management department maintains the physical elements of each property. The department focuses on operating efficiently and on maintaining each property to a standard that allows for a maximum return on investment.
The lease administration department works to ensure that the landlord and the tenants at each property are all in compliance with their lease obligations. The department focuses on accurate interpretation of leases, timely compliance with lease obligations and excellent customer service when interacting with tenants on lease matters.

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